Start your MBA App effort with a Why and not a How

Hello aspiring MBA students and world changers!

Does getting an MBA from US and changing the world go hand in hand? As aspiring MBA students and future business leaders you are soon going to be exposed to the most potent answer in your arsenal of responses: “It depends!” And in the real world, it truly does. There are no straight clear cut answers to business problems, unlike the highly comforting math and physics problems with definitive answers that most engineers are used to solving. For starters, internalize the following three most important lessons:

  1. In Business (and life) get comfortable with uncertainty
  2. Business (and More >

“I gave 4 months to my fellowship application” – Vivek, Reliance Dhirubhai Fellow, Stanford MBA Program

We got an opportunity to interview Vivek, graduate from IIT Kharagpur, who was awarded Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship by Stanford University for its 2-year MBA program. He will be starting his program in coming September and agreed to give us an insight into his application effort.

MBAfusion: What was your GMAT Score? How did you go about the preparation?

Vivek: I scored 760 and had taken the exam in June 2010. I had about 45 days to prepare for my GMAT. I referred Kaplan and Official Guide; I took a number of free GMAT tests available on the internet. Sentence Correction was the main challenge More >