My ISB Interview

Venue: Hyatt Regency, New Delhi Essay writing on “Reality TV”

Panelist 1.Give some incident from customer’s plant when you faced a difficulty, how did you overcome? Panelist 2. Mention an incident from personal life which was a tough one for you, how u managed to overcome? P2. What is inside you, which helps you overcome such hassles? P1. Tell us some interesting incident from plant which you solved, when plant people were not able to solve it? P2. Where do you want to see yourself in next ten years? I say I wanna go in fmcg industry P1. Suppose they don’t More >

isb entrance

MBA…few tips

I had to think for some time before deciding to write this one down. Primarily because I did not want my blog to turn into yet another ‘how to get into XXX MBA program’ blog for there are already too many. I do not deny the importance of such blogs, forums etc, because I was greatly helped by these and undoubtedly, the telling is something worth doing once you have some idea of how to.

So I thought, maybe I should not write posts and posts on this subject, but probably one to summarize my take away shall be a good More >