School Selection

Based on your choices, schools specialties, rankings (Business Week, US News etc.) and your credentials, we can suggest you a list of schools – safe, practical and stretch.

Profile Strategy

Wanna-be entrepreneur with strong background in manufacturing or Wanna-be hot shot consultant with strong industry experience – we can be a critical but supportive sparring partner in building your story.

Essay Support

With 300 words and the world to write about, putting your story effectively on paper is a challenge. A cumbersome process of thinking, writing, deleting, editing and all of that in an infinite loop. With our 50 years of cumulative experience between us of exactly doing that, we can support you there.


Top three messages to be put across in the interview, how to mould the discussion to bring the interviewer in your comfort zone, how to practice the questions, why not to write down the answers – with support on various such aspects, we can help you to convert your interview into a signature on your admission offer letter.

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