Hello Aspirants

Let me start with an inspiring quote:

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve, also famous for playing SUPERMAN

As promised, I am back to share some more admission related experience with you. And this time we dig right in. I had originally planned to talk about GMAT but since Round 1 deadlines for many US Business Schools are very close I thought of giving some quick pointers on “Essay Writing”. I will of course cover Essay Writing in more detail, using Stanford Business School MBA essays as example, in a later article devoted to just that.

Generic Pointers:

1. Don’t use a standard template. Never try to compose an essay to force-fit it into “your view” or others’ view of a standard business school essay template. First, your view may be completely wrong because there is a lot of incorrect information floating around and you don’t know about the more than 5000 applicants from over 50 countries that you will be competing with. Second, by following a standard template you really don’t differentiate yourself when differentiation is the key to your success. So be original.

2. Strictly adhere to the word limit. If you can’t say whatever you need to in a concise, clear yet effective way, then anyway you will find operating in business environments very hard.

3. Don’t compose your essays in isolation. You may find it surprising, but when you ask your friends to evaluate you in a structured manner, you will find information about yourself that you didn’t know. Things like what are your strengths, weaknesses, what kind of work you excel at, do you act like a jerk when you are stressed etc. (I can post a template of questions to help you get structured feedback from your family and friends if I see enough comments expressing interest). This can be very valuable material to go into your essay. So get lots of feedback from people you know.

4. Don’t do it in one sitting. Iterations are extremely important for a high-quality essay to emerge. So you may think you have written golden words in one shot but all you need is a second pair of eyes to bring out logical gaps, clumsy/clichéd expressions, grammatical errors etc in your essay. An essay must go through at least 2 to 3 iterations of review and feedback by a close friend or family member to bring it to perfection. Yes, there is no short cut around this.

In my subsequent articles I will discuss some tips to manage your essay writing process.


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Tanmay Saksena did his MBA from Stanford University and B Tech from IIT Kanpur. Tanmay currently works as an Executive Producer at Playdom, a Silicon-Valley based social games development company which is now part of the Walt Disney Company. Before Playdom, he worked with start-ups like Trippert and Jambool in the social gaming and payment spaces respectively. Prior to Stanford, Tanmay worked as a Production Manager at Unilever and was later involved with the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, India.