When we started our journey of applying for an MBA, some of us were fortunate enough to tap our alumni network for advice, right from GMAT to what questions to ask at the end of the admission interview. Others had to struggle quite a bit. They made their way through googling, networking and brute force. The most significant enabler for us was sharing of experiences by people who had made it to our dream schools. To our surprise, the challenges were more common than we thought – preparing for GMAT while managing a tough boss at work, struggling with shortlist of 10 schools but budget of 5 and demonstrating leadership in a cold IT job profile.

Sharing experiences, we realized, could be an effective tool in enabling aspirants. After all, management programs are all about case studies. This is what differentiates our initiative. More than claiming that we know the school’s admission process inside out, we aim at sharing stories of Asians who made it through. The cultural values were different. The language expressions were way apart. The deadlines were tight. The process was cumbersome. But they made it through. And now those experiences and lessons are going to be available to you to understand what it took for somebody to traverse from a score of 660 in Kaplan mock GMAT test to 770 in the real one.

We are currently busy in aggressively expanding the network to support the booming numbers of applicant-visitors to our website. Profile strategy support, applications review, mock interviews and post-admission support are some of the key actions you would see happening on our website soon. Keep a watch.

Asian candidates have high quantitative aptitude and intercultural differences from the west, attributes that set them apart in the candidate pool.  In the last 5 years Indian and Chinese GMAT test-takers have grown in numbers by 3 times. We aim at supporting this very special segment of applicants, who would tomorrow lead the Asian growth story.

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