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We are starting with our free services today. You can now reach us for discussions on profile strategy, school selection, essay editing and interview tips. Write to us with your resume at and we will get back to you. We have 10 slots to begin with so the first 10 emails get to speak to us. We shall be opening more of slots in the coming weeks.


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A Winning Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Essay Sample

So our homie, who qualified in the first 50 for Stanford’s Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship, agreed to share his essay on - How do you aspire to shape your country’s future?Here is the sample for you with necessary deletions.

During last 5 years, my exposure to staggering opportunities in <industry name>, its scalability and its efficacy in reducing poverty has inspired me to dream of economic development in rural-India, populace that accounts for XXX% of  Indian population and  primarily depends on <industry name> for livelihood.

My  vision is to establish a multinational vertically-integrated <industry name> company that will address the current impediments – wastages, multiple intermediaries, <stakeholder> low share More >


My ISB Interview Experience

To prepare for the interview, I had about 5 days, not enough to prepare especially with the professional commitments in hand. I did not start by preparing the list of standard questions and mugging them up. Everybody else in the competition would be doing that, I thought.

The first step of my interview preparation was of picking up keywords in my essay and then backing up each of the keyword with real-life stories and strong examples from my professional and personal life. If it was leadership that I had used, I would think of top three examples – two from professional More >