Think Before You Leap

A lot of you are considering an advanced degree and looking to this website for advice, ideas and discussions. Also, most of you have already begun your professional careers. As is the case with our generation, many of you are not satisfied doing what you are doing and think that an advanced degree – an MBA or a Masters from a top school – will change your life. I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about some things I have understood from my experience of applying to Masters Programs and what I have learnt since.

Firstly, an advanced More >

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MBA…few tips

I had to think for some time before deciding to write this one down. Primarily because I did not want my blog to turn into yet another ‘how to get into XXX MBA program’ blog for there are already too many. I do not deny the importance of such blogs, forums etc, because I was greatly helped by these and undoubtedly, the telling is something worth doing once you have some idea of how to.

So I thought, maybe I should not write posts and posts on this subject, but probably one to summarize my take away shall be a good More >


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We are starting with our free services today. You can now reach us for discussions on profile strategy, school selection, essay editing and interview tips. Write to us with your resume at shivani@mbafusion.com and we will get back to you. We have 10 slots to begin with so the first 10 emails get to speak to us. We shall be opening more of slots in the coming weeks.


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