How to Deal with ‘Why MBA’ Questions in Your B-School App

Why do you want an MBA? (Harvard)

What do you want to do—REALLY—and why Stanford? (Stanford)

Why is an MBA a critical next step toward your short- and long-term career goals? Why is Tuck the best MBA program for you? (Tuck)

Why are you pursuing a full-time MBA at this point in your life? Define your short and long term career goals post MBA. What is it about Chicago Booth that is going to help you reach your goals? (Booth)

Most common question asked in virtually all B-School applications. This question generally asks you to present your reasons (mostly too familiar) for an MBA. More >


“I started by thinking hard on what is my long term goal” – Piyush, Kellogg

We got an opportunity to speak to Piyush, who is pursuing his MBA at Kellogg School of Management. Following are the highlights from our discussion.

MBAFusion: What was your GMAT Score? How did you prepare for the exam?

Piyush: I took my GMAT in August 2010 and scored a 750. I prepared for about 2.5 months and mostly prepared during the weekends as sitting in a stretch worked out better for me. As happens with most of the engineers, Sentence Correction and Reading Comprehension were the major roadblocks for me.

Princeton Review and Official Guide 10 & 11 were my reference material. Apart More >


Think Before You Leap

A lot of you are considering an advanced degree and looking to this website for advice, ideas and discussions. Also, most of you have already begun your professional careers. As is the case with our generation, many of you are not satisfied doing what you are doing and think that an advanced degree – an MBA or a Masters from a top school – will change your life. I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about some things I have understood from my experience of applying to Masters Programs and what I have learnt since.

Firstly, an advanced More >